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Mariagrazia Indenbosch

Maria(grazia) is the Founder & CEO of Social Enterprise Humanity Wine Co. and the Founder and Managing Director of the nonprofit Humanity Del Sol. She started her international non-profit for aging out orphans, in 2012 and quickly recognized the need for a scalable, unrestricted revenue stream.


Creating the first ever B2B & B2C e-commerce and subscription wine service that donates 50% of its profits. Maria believes, “Social Enterprise is the only way to ‘do’ business”. She is challenging others to do the same.

Maria was born in Canicatti, Sicily and raised in NYC. Humanity Del Sol, was funded by Mariagrazia for the first 6 years of its life by working 3 jobs at any given time until sustainable. She now has a team of 17 and growing and runs the operation from home or while traveling internationally. 


The Social Enterprise company, Humanity Wine Co. is venture-backed by 4 angel investors and Launched in April of 2020. Currently based in Tampa, Florida, Maria previously worked within 3 startups.


She earned her Bachelor's Degree from Empire State University in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Maria has been featured in Forbes and San Diego Magazine for her social enterprise work. Maria currently resides between Mendoza, Argentina where her non profit operates, Safety Harbor, Florida where the Humanity companies are headquartered and Lethbridge, Canada, where her new in-law family resides. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys bible studies, painting, hiking and creating food and wine pairing experiences with friends and family. 

Maria doesn’t believe in charity per usual; she doesn’t believe in the non profit model as a way of sustainable change. She believes in quality, thought provoking brands that exist to bring substantial solutions to the globe's most pressing issues. Thus granting the non profits the funds they need to operate without being consumed over where their next funding or grant is going to come from. 


She began her journey in the development industry at a young age. However, it was her love of travel and culture that led her to become a Social Entrepreneur. Never being able to find the type of company she believed to be the answer to massive global missions of scale, she set out to create them. For the past decade she dedicated her life to helping change the trajectory of high trauma orphan lives through total lifecycle programming and for-profit business that would support such work and challenge and change the development and for-profit sectors. 


Her non profit started out by serving 25 orphans and has now taken on over 150 orphans and growing. In May of 2019 she was asked by the Argentine government to expand throughout the country of Argentina that houses over 700,000 high-trauma orphans. This program is the only one of it’s kind in the whole country serving the aged out youth population. 


Her team of one has now become a team of 9 and growing. She was self funded with 3 jobs at any given time to sustain the project to over 65 monthly and individual sponsors and 2 corporate partners. To solve the issue of funding as a grassroots movement she turned to her visionary side creating unique revenue streams not only within her non profit but by the founding of for profit businesses.


She has now taken her social enterprise model of offering the top donor sectors what they want, to the next level with her own wine membership. Humanity Wine Co. The only wine e-commerce shop for B2B and B2C that offers wines from around the world delivered right to your doorstep and donates 50% of its profits to life altering programs for youth.


Her mission is a clear one from God Isaiah 61:4 She is a self-proclaimed, “travel addict” and has checked off ‘travel around the globe’ from her bucket list. Greatest of all she is a servant of God; she works hard to love and serve others with integrity, transparency, and love.

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