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Kaylan & Kat

The twin sisters' journey has been defined and designed with their visions, ambitions and missions in mind. At the tender age of 17 these two ladies decided to align themselves with the hearts and minds of their community, beginning with the launch of a book written by Kat Stylez (Girl, Who Hurt You?). The book’s debut called for an event, but not just any event...a pop up event!


This venture not only introduced the book, it launched a new unique layout pop-up event company now known as “Suburb Pop." The mission of the brand is focused on bringing shopping, art and food experiences to the hottest venues and event spaces. The events feature makers’ market, galleries with work from local artists and most importantly small businesses and inclusive interactions.

The Brand has garnered the attention of content creators, local shoppers, bloggers, the media, innovators and businesses in the Tampa Bay community. Attending a Suburb Pop event absolutely requires planning as they often draw groups of up to 400 attendees! The twins have created inclusive social shopping experiences throughout the Tampa Bay area, from fashion shows, to poolside soirees, to self-love brunches and night markets.


About Kaylan Boss

Kaylan started this journey during her freshman year studying business at the University of South Florida. This real life boss finished her degree while supporting Kat’s book release, curating luxury brands such as the Super Bowl, Mayweather Boxing, Suburb Pop and many other local businesses in the Tampa Bay area. She thrives under pressure and maintains a passion for supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference.

About Kat Stylez

Kat courageously picked up the pen and shared life on her terms when writing and publishing, “Girl, Who Hurt You?” This bombshell held nothing back when focusing on the real life struggles of our time. Her book is a coming of age story told through poetry that explores the themes of breaking generational curses, self-love and healing. An artist by birth and entrepreneur by choice, this old soul continues to capture and cultivate her truth from every room she enters.

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