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Holly Callaway

After opening and operating 5 businesses in 4 years while also earning a doctorate, I started teaching other women the basic fundamentals of marketing, sales, mindset and business growth. Through building my community of over 3,100 entrepreneurs, I have developed Powerhouse Methods to help every entrepreneur reach his or her unique goals.

Powerhouse Consulting is a firm that guides businesses through start up, growth, scale and selling phases. We work with entrepreneurs who understand that every founder and business is unique and are are looking for guidance to create success in their businesses and lives, whatever that looks like for them. We help entrepreners achieve their individual goals with plans and paths specifically for their unique needs.

I am passionate about guiding entrepreneurs because the more experience I collected running my own businesses and companies and the deeper I got into the entrepreneurial world, the more I realized how much information is NOT common knowledge to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs need a community that can provide the information as well as the mental and emotional support required to build something from the ground up while avoiding burnout. 


When I created The Power House and Powerhouse Consulting, I did it under the combination of two beautiful concepts - Collaboration over Competition, because a rising tide lifts all ships. Entrepreneurs who are empowered should empower other entrepreneurs. Founders thrive in a community that uplifts and supports its members, and a supportive and supported community can change social constructs.

To this end, we have created PsySec as a field of study, a methodology, a new market, and a new security pillar.  By creating Psychologically Safe Cultures from the top down and reinforcing that culture through security awareness training, we help organizations and corporations leave the antiquated, brute force, education systems of the 80s behind, and move into a world of empowered and self-governing employees who take personal responsibility for their own safety and that of the organization.


To this end, we’ve created a robust and active community of entrepreneurs who have all of the resources of the collective at their fingertips. By providing a place to openly discuss business, entrepreneurship, mindset, struggles and victories with like minded individuals, we’ve established a wave of momentum that will continue to create a paradigm shift in the way we think about business.

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