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Garyn Angel

He was one of the top money mangers in the country until his passion for helping others propelled him into the cannabis industry. It all started in a bid to help a friend suffering from Crohn’s Disease. That’s when Garyn realized there was no practical way to prepare cannabis edibles at home, so he invented the Magical Butter Machine.

Those who know Garyn know that he isn’t exaggerating when he says, “I live full throttle, but I feel you get out of life what you put into it. So I put it all in.”

Garyn Angel, CEO and Founder of Magical, got his entrepreneurial start as a young kid selling gum and soda out of his duffel bag in the seventh grade. He sold his first company, Angel Computers, at the age of 18. After graduating from the University of South Florida (where he was the 'Rocky the Bull' school mascot), Angel spent 15 years in money management becoming one of the top money managers in the country. When a friend who suffered from Crohn’s Disease was unable to find a safe and effective way to relieve his symptoms, Angel jumped at the opportunity to help his friend. By default, he helped others by bringing a revolutionary product to the market.

“Patients needed a safe and easy way to ingest cannabis instead of inhaling it,” Angel said. “In most cases, oral consumption of cannabis is the best option. Unfortunately, most governments and people are slow to adopt the use of edibles. What I created was a device capable of extracting the beneficial compounds from herbs and infusing them into butter, oils, and other substances. Cannabis is a dietary essential. Infused foods, beverages, and lotions provide the relief patients seek. After some trial and error, I discovered a way to automate the process making extractions consistent and foolproof.”

“There are no challenges, only opportunities,” he said. “I focus on opportunities. If there’s a hurdle, I’m trying to go under that hurdle and become one with it. Most companies in our industry have advertising restrictions. Instead of seeing this as a hurdle, we partner with the best. For example, Gary Vaynerchuk is a strategic advisor. Magical’s brand strength permits us to go straight to the top brass at Google and Amazon for collaborative ad campaigns.


Success is simple – deliver more value to the customer than the cost of your products. We have a tremendous competitive advantage because we invented the shelf space, and Magical owns the majority of that space.”

Angel continued, “Where you see a challenge is a place for innovation, and that’s what creates wealth. People too often are afraid to unpack problems and look them in the eye.”

In addition to empowering his customers, Garyn Angel is equally as focused on empowering his employees and creating a culture of cohesion, acceptance, and happiness. With operations in Florida, Washington State, Australia, Canada, and China, Magical focuses on the best attributes of culture. That identity creates a beautiful synergy where employees are happy at home and work. Employees also possess a strong sense of ownership and vision, something Angel emphasizes is required for meaningful growth and a positive culture.

His advice to others? “For anyone who’s listening, regardless of your industry or what it is you’re about in life, that’s how you win–focus on helping people, and the fruit that falls off that tree, it’s enough to share with everyone.”

“And be authentic, build a brand” he said. “As an entrepreneur, you’re sometimes faced with having to make decisions that might be financially devastating short term but right long term. The leaders who ultimately fail are the ones who don’t make authentic decisions because they’re too worried about cash flow. Also, move past the ‘world is so big’ mentality. People from small towns often think this way. You can reach anyone in seven days or less if you build your network. Success boils down to being connected, offering exceptional value, and helping others.”

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