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Adam Anderson

In 2019 I had my life threatened by the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner during a beach volleyball game on Sir Richard Branson's home, Necker Island.

My name is Adam Anderson and my 17 years of life as an entrepreneur have taken me to awe-inspiring places and connected me with amazing people.

After starting over 20 companies, having one multi-million dollar exit, and placing three under professional management, I have earned some hard-won scars and wisdom.

Note the "wisdom" in my beard and the lack of wisdom on top of my head.

After writing 5 books, being the Entrepreneur in residence for two universities, and guiding over 100 business owners, I've developed a real passion to share what I've learned in mass. My primary goal is to spread awareness that you don't have to burn out and watch your company die. You can just Fire Yourself! I founded CEO to Owner to help founders of companies understand that it is OK to be whatever entrepreneur they want to be.

What I discovered on this journey is that entrepreneurs burn out when they lack support navigating the transition between the 4 Phases of Business: To Me, By Me, Through Me, and For Me. To move from one phase to the next, entrepreneurs need to modify their core beliefs on their role in their companies. Founders of companies must be willing to transform who they are and move from transactional, day-to-day work to transformational business growth.  For those who don’t get support during these transitions, the numbers are scary.

● 20% fail in the first year
● 50% fail by year 5
● 70% have failed by year 10

Entrepreneurial Burnout causes these companies to fail.  They experience burnout due to a lack of support.  It is my mission to do something about that.

Reaching the Entrepreneurial Endgame is deceivingly simple.  Take care of yourself, navigate the transitions in your company, and get support from the community, consultants, and coaches.  The actual execution of those steps over a 20 year period is what is difficult. 

I believe that entrepreneurs have a moral responsibility to become disproportionately wealthy.  They must do this because entrepreneurs are the engine that drives change in the world.  They can do well by doing good.  Often, entrepreneurs dream of making an impact, creating a dent in the universe, and leaving a legacy for a better tomorrow.  These dreams often fail to see the light of day due to the pressures of the businesses that are created to provide the energy and power for those dreams to manifest.

My purpose in life is to show entrepreneurs how to position the weight of their businesses on their shoulders while also creating the bandwidth for free time, experiences, and life.

To this end, I have created the CEO to Owner movement and co-founded the M3 community.  The methodologies from CEO to Owner help guide the entrepreneur to the endgame while the M3 community provides the support and networks to keep you in the game and avoid burnout.

If you believe what I believe, then I want to invite you to find me and talk to me about it.  It would make my day to speak with you!

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